30 Baby Boy Names with Meanings


Choosing a name for your baby boy is a special journey. Here are 30 unique and meaningful names from various cultures around the world, excluding French, Hebrew, Sanskrit, and Christian names, to help you find the perfect name for your little one.

  1. Arlo (Spanish): Meaning "barberry tree," Arlo symbolizes strength and endurance.
  2. Kai (Hawaiian): Kai translates to "sea," reflecting a sense of calm and vastness.
  3. Darius (Persian): Meaning "upholder of good," Darius signifies strength and integrity.
  4. Zane (Arabic): Zane translates to "beloved," embodying love and appreciation.
  5. Hiro (Japanese): Meaning "abundant" or "prosperous," Hiro represents growth and success.
  6. Ravi (Indian): Ravi means "sun," symbolizing light and energy.
  7. Tariq (Arabic): Meaning "morning star," Tariq signifies guidance and illumination.
  8. Naveen (Tamil): Meaning "new" or "fresh," Naveen embodies novelty and innovation.
  9. Luka (Slavic): Luka translates to "light" or "bringer of light," symbolizing illumination.
  10. Omar (Arabic): Meaning "flourishing" or "life," Omar signifies prosperity and vitality.
  11. Kiran (Malayalam): Kiran means "ray of light," embodying brightness and hope.
  12. Ashwin (Indian): Meaning "light" or "horse tamer," Ashwin represents agility and strength.
  13. Amir (Arabic): Amir translates to "prince" or "leader," symbolizing authority and nobility.
  14. Vikram (Indian): Vikram means "valorous" or "wise," symbolizing courage and intelligence.
  15. Orion (Greek): Named after the constellation, Orion represents strength and adventure.
  16. Farid (Arabic): Meaning "unique" or "precious," Farid signifies rarity and value.
  17. Jiro (Japanese): Jiro means "second son," often signifying order and tradition.
  18. Arjun (Indian): Meaning "bright" or "shining," Arjun symbolizes brilliance and valor.
  19. Kaito (Japanese): Meaning "ocean flying," Kaito represents freedom and vastness.
  20. Niko (Slavic): Meaning "victory of the people," Niko symbolizes triumph and success.
  21. Dmitri (Russian): Meaning "earth-lover," Dmitri signifies a strong connection to nature.
  22. Yusef (Arabic): Meaning "God increases," Yusef embodies growth and prosperity.
  23. Ilias (Greek): Meaning "the Lord is my God," Ilias represents faith and devotion.
  24. Sven (Scandinavian): Meaning "young warrior," Sven signifies strength and courage.
  25. Ayaan (Somali): Meaning "gift of God," Ayaan symbolizes blessing and grace.
  26. Mika (Japanese): Meaning "new moon," Mika represents new beginnings and freshness.
  27. Raoul (Germanic): Meaning "wolf counsel," Raoul embodies strength and wisdom.
  28. Zenon (Greek): Meaning "gift of Zeus," Zenon symbolizes divinity and strength.
  29. Reza (Persian): Meaning "contentment," Reza signifies peace and satisfaction.
  30. Hassan (Arabic): Meaning "handsome" or "good," Hassan embodies beauty and goodness.

These names offer a blend of cultural heritage and contemporary appeal, ensuring that your baby's name is both unique and meaningful. Whether you are drawn to names that reflect nature, strength, or beauty, this list provides a diverse range of options to inspire you.