35 Baby Girl Names with Meanings


Choosing the perfect name for your baby girl is a delightful journey. Here are 35 beautiful and meaningful names from various cultures around the world to help inspire you.

  1. Aria (Italian): Meaning "air" or "song," Aria evokes a sense of grace and melody.
  2. Zara (Arabic): Zara signifies "princess" or "flower," embodying elegance and beauty.
  3. Sakura (Japanese): Meaning "cherry blossom," Sakura represents beauty and renewal.
  4. Lila (Arabic): Meaning "night," Lila symbolizes mystery and elegance.
  5. Nadia (Slavic): Nadia translates to "hope," symbolizing optimism and resilience.
  6. Leilani (Hawaiian): Combining "lei" (flower garland) and "lani" (heavenly), Leilani celebrates nature's beauty.
  7. Amara (Igbo, African): Meaning "grace" or "eternal," Amara embodies strength and inner beauty.
  8. Sarai (Persian): Sarai signifies "princess" or "lady," representing dignity and strength.
  9. Esme (Spanish): Esme translates to "beloved" or "esteemed," conveying warmth and affection.
  10. Anaïs (French): Derived from Anna, meaning "grace."
  11. Aurélie (French): Meaning "golden," Aurélie evokes beauty and brightness.
  12. Celeste (French): Meaning "heavenly" or "of the sky," Celeste embodies purity and elegance.
  13. Elodie (French): Meaning "marsh flower," Elodie symbolizes beauty and grace.
  14. Colette (French): Meaning "victorious," Colette signifies triumph and success.
  15. Delphine (French): Meaning "dolphin," Delphine evokes a sense of playfulness and intelligence.
  16. Giselle (French): Meaning "pledge" or "hostage," Giselle is often associated with grace and elegance.
  17. Juliette (French): Meaning "youthful" or "downy," Juliette symbolizes vitality and softness.
  18. Manon (French): A diminutive of Marie, meaning "bitter" or "beloved."
  19. Odette (French): Meaning "wealthy" or "rich," Odette conveys prosperity and elegance.
  20. Aisha (Arabic): Aisha means "alive" or "living," embodying vitality and energy.
  21. Jaya (Indian): Meaning "victory," Jaya signifies triumph and success.
  22. Lumina (Latin): Lumina evokes "light," symbolizing clarity and inner radiance.
  23. Selene (Greek): Derived from the moon goddess, Selene represents mystery and intuition.
  24. Nia (Swahili): Meaning "purpose," Nia symbolizes determination and ambition.
  25. Kalila (Arabic): Meaning "beloved," Kalila signifies deep affection and care.
  26. Suri (Persian): Suri means "red rose," embodying beauty and elegance.
  27. Alina (Slavic): Alina translates to "bright" or "beautiful," signifying radiance and grace.
  28. Elara (Greek): Elara represents the name of a moon of Jupiter, symbolizing celestial beauty and mystery.
  29. Camille (French): Meaning "young ceremonial attendant," Camille is classic and refined.
  30. Fleur (French): Meaning "flower," Fleur evokes a sense of natural beauty.
  31. Anaïs (French): A variant of Anna, meaning "grace."
  32. Amélie (French): A variant of Amelia, meaning "hardworking" or "industrious."
  33. Beatrice (French): Meaning "bringer of happiness," Beatrice signifies joy and positivity.
  34. Lorraine (French): Meaning "from Lorraine," a region in France, symbolizing heritage and tradition.
  35. Madeleine (French): Meaning "from Magdala," Madeleine evokes sophistication and charm.

These names offer a blend of cultural heritage and contemporary appeal, ensuring that your baby's name is both unique and meaningful. Whether you are drawn to names that reflect nature, strength, or beauty, this list provides a diverse range of options to inspire you.