50 French Baby Names with Meanings


French names are known for their elegance, sophistication, and timeless appeal. If you're seeking a French baby name that is both unique and meaningful, this list of 50 names, along with their meanings, will inspire you. Here, we present 25 names for girls and 25 names for boys, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your little one.

For Girls:

  1. Adele: Meaning "noble" or "kind," Adele evokes a sense of grace and elegance.
  2. Aimee: Meaning "beloved," Aimee conveys warmth and affection.
  3. Amélie: A variant of Amelia, meaning "hardworking" or "industrious."
  4. Anaïs: Derived from the name Anna, meaning "grace."
  5. Antoinette: Meaning "priceless" or "invaluable."
  6. Audrey: Meaning "noble strength," Audrey symbolizes power and integrity.
  7. Aurélie: Meaning "golden," Aurélie evokes beauty and brightness.
  8. Beatrice: Meaning "bringer of happiness," Beatrice signifies joy and positivity.
  9. Camille: Meaning "young ceremonial attendant," Camille is classic and refined.
  10. Celeste: Meaning "heavenly" or "of the sky," Celeste embodies purity and elegance.
  11. Chantal: Meaning "stone" or "rock," Chantal represents stability and strength.
  12. Claudette: Meaning "lame" or "disabled," but often associated with strength of character.
  13. Colette: Meaning "victorious," Colette signifies triumph and success.
  14. Delphine: Meaning "dolphin," Delphine evokes a sense of playfulness and intelligence.
  15. Elodie: Meaning "marsh flower," Elodie symbolizes beauty and grace.
  16. Eloise: Meaning "healthy" or "wide," Eloise conveys vigor and expansiveness.
  17. Esme: Meaning "esteemed" or "beloved," Esme reflects warmth and affection.
  18. Fleur: Meaning "flower," Fleur evokes a sense of natural beauty.
  19. Giselle: Meaning "pledge" or "hostage," Giselle is often associated with grace and elegance.
  20. Isabelle: Meaning "pledged to God," Isabelle signifies devotion and purity.
  21. Juliette: Meaning "youthful" or "downy," Juliette symbolizes vitality and softness.
  22. Lorraine: Meaning "from Lorraine," a region in France, symbolizing heritage and tradition.
  23. Madeleine: Meaning "from Magdala," Madeleine evokes sophistication and charm.
  24. Manon: A diminutive of Marie, meaning "bitter" or "beloved."
  25. Odette: Meaning "wealthy" or "rich," Odette conveys prosperity and elegance.

For Boys:

  1. Adrien: Meaning "from Hadria," a place in Northern Italy, symbolizing heritage.
  2. Armand: Meaning "soldier" or "warrior," Armand evokes strength and bravery.
  3. Bastien: A diminutive of Sebastian, meaning "venerable" or "revered."
  4. Bernard: Meaning "brave as a bear," Bernard symbolizes courage and strength.
  5. Claude: Meaning "lame" or "disabled," but often associated with intelligence and creativity.
  6. Clément: Meaning "gentle" or "merciful," Clément conveys kindness and compassion.
  7. Damien: Meaning "to tame" or "subdue," Damien signifies control and power.
  8. Dorian: Meaning "of the sea" or "gift," Dorian evokes mystery and depth.
  9. Étienne: Meaning "crown" or "garland," Étienne symbolizes honor and achievement.
  10. Félix: Meaning "happy" or "fortunate," Félix conveys joy and luck.
  11. Gabin: Meaning "from Gabium," Gabin is associated with heritage and tradition.
  12. Gaston: Meaning "guest" or "stranger," Gaston signifies hospitality and friendliness.
  13. Henri: Meaning "ruler of the household," Henri symbolizes leadership and strength.
  14. Hugo: Meaning "mind" or "intellect," Hugo conveys intelligence and creativity.
  15. Jacques: Meaning "supplanter," Jacques is classic and strong.
  16. Jules: Meaning "youthful" or "downy," Jules signifies vitality and gentleness.
  17. Laurent: Meaning "from Laurentum," a place in Italy, symbolizing heritage.
  18. Léon: Meaning "lion," Léon evokes strength and courage.
  19. Lucien: Meaning "light," Lucien symbolizes clarity and enlightenment.
  20. Marcel: Meaning "little warrior," Marcel signifies bravery and determination.
  21. Maxime: Meaning "the greatest," Maxime conveys excellence and ambition.
  22. Olivier: Meaning "olive tree," Olivier symbolizes peace and fruitfulness.
  23. Pascal: Meaning "Easter" or "Passover," Pascal is often associated with renewal and rebirth.
  24. René: Meaning "reborn," René signifies renewal and new beginnings.
  25. Théo: Meaning "gift of God," Théo conveys a sense of divinity and blessing.

These French names offer a blend of elegance, tradition, and modern appeal, making them perfect choices for your baby. Whether you are drawn to names that reflect nature, strength, or beauty, this list provides a diverse range of options to inspire you.